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Dzagbletey Faith Adabah Julius – SYENET Student Entrepreneur of the Week

In 2012, Julius transformed his idea into an organisation and within 4 years, that idea has become one of the leading student led, non-profit organisations in Ghana. Impacting thousands of young people across Ghana, Julius is just getting started.

As the founder of SpreadAid International, he got named as one of SYENET’s Top 100 Student Entrepreneurs in Ghana leading an organisation with over 90 committed members.

As a change agent, he also dearly wanted to break the distance gap between him and his mentees and that made him to author an amazing book titled, “Secret Tears of Success”

Dzagbletey Faith Adabah Julius

Brief Details:

Name: Dzagbletey Faith Adabah Julius

School: University of Ghana-Legon

Year: Level 400

Course: Economics & Information Studies with Human Resource Management

Name of Company: SpreadAid International (SAI)

Year Started: 2012

SYENET: Who inspired your entrepreneurial journey?

Julius: I attribute everything to the workings of the Holy Spirit in my life. It had been a journey that requires a lot of inner strength and the upholding or better still, improving upon the initial seed of zeal given.

There were individuals also who gave themselves as burnt sacrifices to see to it that this vision sees the light of the day. Thinking about that is a great source of inspiration even in their absence

SYENET: How did you raise your startup capital?

Julius: From the pocket of few individual students who did not necessarily have in excess but committed themselves to this vision and therefore gave even in the face of scarcity. Giving is not an activity of the head, it is an attitude of the heart. It is worth noting to use this opportunity to advise the youth out there that, what you need is not a start-up capital, rather, a startup mindset.

To receive various directions on NGO Management, you could take advantage of SpreadTalk which is an annual Seminar Held for Youth Entrepreneurs in Ghana. Last year, with other young entrepreneurs, we addressed the issue of NGO Registration which led to the legalisation of 10 new NGOs.


SYENET: What significant successes have you chalked so far in business?

Julius: SpreadAid has imparted the lives of over 4000 young ones since its legalisation in 2015. This was done through youth development seminars, donations to schools, prisons and orphanages. Last year, 2016, through a project dubbed “Project 5000”, SpreadAid imparted the lives of over 2000 students in 10 schools which are located in 5 out of 10 regions in Ghana. We also held the 2016 edition of SpreadTalk which had over 200 young entrepreneurs on board to share ideas. This wouldn’t have ended without a visit to an orphanage and sessional “What Next After School Talk” with about 150 BECE candidates from three schools. Not to forget, a Spelling Bee Quiz was organised for three schools in Kumasi with about 80 students in attendance, teachers and other officials excluded.


SYENET: How have you combined studies and work so successfully?

Julius: It has been a challenging one but I believe you can do anything you set your mind to do and the key thing here is ‘passion in action’. I cannot end without duly acknowledging the tireless effort by all Spreaders.


SYENET: What challenges do you face as a Student Entrepreneur and how do you overcome them?

Julius: The challenge of being a father to over 90 students and people who are even workers (non-students). Having to be a leader over leaders of various ideologies and different perspectives to issues is something that requires a lot from the head (leader). How do I overcome them? I always have to ask myself, Julius, what do you see? Challenges are like ladders on which you stand to see farther. The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing. I always choose to see the opportunities in the challenges. If you don’t have the solution, the challenge wouldn’t come to you.


SYENET: After School, what are your entrepreneurial plans?

Julius: There is a vast world that awaits my influence. I look forward to building on the foundation that is being built now. I see myself through SpreadAid imparting the lives of millions of youth worldwide positively to identify their purpose on earth and once they get it, substitute it for nothing. I look forward to doing this through various seminars I would be holding in both Junior and Senior High schools as well as tertiary levels and also through books I would be writing which would break the distance barrier.


SYENET: What supports do you need to scale up your business?

Julius: I would be grateful to receive any form of help that would aid this vision in whatever form it may come not limited to monetary assistance though it may help in undertaking projects in the bid of imparting lives. I would love as well to be invited for programmes where I could not only speak to the youth but also have the opportunity of learning from others. Aid in publicity would do a lot of good and I am grateful to SYENET for this privilege.


SYENET: What are the top 5 lessons you have learnt in business so far?


  1. Business is a “Bus in action”
  2. The Bus need to be fueled to operate
  3. Passion is the fuel of business
  4. Every business needs a leader not a boss
  5. As a commercial bus, your business wouldn’t move without people on board.


SYENET: What advice do you have for other students?

Julius: You could read billions of books on how to start but the only way to start is to start.

Formal education is not an end in itself, rather a tool to operate your purpose on earth. If you don’t start NOW! You cannot start tomorrow.

Are you a student entrepreneur shaping the world of business in School? Write to us through syenet@tanoe.org to get your story featured.

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