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Entrepreneurship News and Updates in Ghana

Meet The Richest Men In Ghana Running The Show

Poverty is something nobody wishes to go through but even some of the world’s billionaires had their low points. Knowing how it feels, most of them have made it a point to help others in the same or rather similar situations to ease their burden and make the world better. …

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Timothy Dzikunu to facilitate the 23rd TANOE Workshop on FINANCE INDUSTRY – Managing money whilst building a successful finance business

Starting a new business in the competitive business world is an exhilarating experience, but it is also risky. You need to deal with an endless stream of complex problems and administrative tasks, which require a lot of attention. Managing small business finances is one of them. While launching up a …

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Having A Ball With Data

Stephan Eyeson started a basketball business at the age of 19. That venture failed, so he tried the data business instead. He is working and playing hard. First, the facts. Africa has a data problem. For all the talk about data being the new oil, the continent comprises about 12.5% …

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Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Developing Economies

Entrepreneurship is often lauded as the engine of economic growth especially as currently, small and medium-sized enterprises are at the helm of creating a large percentage of new jobs in the global economy. According to the World Bank Entrepreneurship Database, more than 50% of formal jobs in developing economies are …

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500 UK schools to benefit from Ghanaian-made Science Set

Five hundred schools in the United Kingdom will soon receive educational resource packs including a Science Set, made by Ghanaian startup, Dext Technology Limited. The move is a collaboration between the Ghanaian company and the Royal Academy of Engineering with support from the Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund and Global Challenges …

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