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Ema Datey to facilitate the 15th TANOE Workshop on Hiring – how to attract and retain top talents in a small budget.

All businesses face the same challenges. From an operational perspective, every business deals with maintaining product quality, customer service, marketing, technology, and cash flow. Plus, a whole lot more. It’s the same with people issues. Every business is faced with recruiting challenges, employee morale, and engagement, retention, training, etc. Hiring the …

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How kids benefit from entrepreneurship skills

More universities today are offering opportunities for students to develop entrepreneurial skills. It’s not just business students either, as other degree programmes, such as engineering, are also teaching students the value of entrepreneurial mindsets. While some people tend to think of entrepreneurship as starting one’s own business, it’s not necessarily …

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The Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change (PAUWES) (www.PAUWES.dz) in Tlemcen, Algeria provides higher education and applied research in the fields of water, energy and climate change – an important contribution to sustainable development in Africa. The admission process for its Master programs in water …

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‘It’s Time Africa Had Its Own Harvard.’ Inside a University Training African Leaders to Solve African Problems

With its modernist buildings, spacious grounds and airy cafeteria packed with young adults slinging backpacks while scrolling through their Instagram feeds, the African Leadership University on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius looks much like any other college campus. Except, perhaps, when it comes to the library. Here you will …

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