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New York-based startup comic ‘Black Sands’ goes global

On Aug. 21, Black Sands Entertainment will be finishing issue five of their increasingly popular and action-packed comic, “Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms.” Also, while continuing to receive love and support from their fans, including Michelle Obama, they’ve finally earned enough funding to begin production for their first animated film since their initial launch in 2016.

Black Sands Entertainment has cultivated 100 thousand Instagram followers and over 400 five-star reviews from families on Facebook since their launch. Their fanbase even expanded to Africa, where they will be special guests at Comic Con Africa located in Johannesburg, South Africa. They will also be appearing at this year’s Dragon Con and New York Comic Con, where they will be selling their latest issue as well as their other story books, t-shirts and collectibles.

Written by Manuel Godoy and drawn by David Lenormand, “Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms” is a story about a boy named Ausar, whose goal in life is to rule Kemet. Alongside him are his kinfolk Seth, Auset, and Nehbet, who travel the world with him and help him on his complicated quest, involving wars and ancient gods that seek his death. Inspired by the vibes of shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Naruto and The Boondocks, Black Sands also promotes ethnic inclusivity by using historically accurate depictions of culture in ancient Egypt.

Black Sands Entertainment, founded in 2016 by Manuel and Geiszel Godoy, is a team of writers, educators, and influencers that specialize in creating novels such as “Black Sands,” “Sons of Nibiru,” and the award-winning “Mori’s Family Adventures.” Their novels are well-known for empowering youth with rich African legend, normalizing black excellence, and increasing inclusion and attentiveness in the student body.

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