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Rotich targets tax cheats to fund Sh3.1trn budget

Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich is set to announce tough tax compliance measures intended to catch defaulters using smart technology in his bid to raise funding for the Sh3.1 trillion budget starting July 1.

Mr. Rotich, who will present the 2019 Budget Policy Statement at the National Assembly this afternoon, will outline tax measures intended to fund the 2019-20 budget.

The Treasury is targeting to raise Sh2.115 trillion in total revenue.

The targeted revenue is Sh284.4 billion more than the Sh1.831 trillion income estimates for the current year ending this month.

Ordinary revenue streams for the Treasury – comprising of taxes and non-tax streams such as court fines, charges for use of government services, grants, rent of buildings and forfeitures — are projected to hit Sh1.877 trillion, or 88.72 percent of the revenue projections.

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