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TANOE Internship Program 2019 officially opens!

The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE), a dynamic and empowering social enterprise focused on entrepreneurship development and the provision of resourceful support system for entrepreneurs headquartered in Accra, Ghana officially opens its 2019 TANOE Internship Program.

The TANOE Internship Program seeks to offer students from diverse academic backgrounds and institutions the opportunity to build their capacity by enriching their educational experience through practical, day-to-day work at a vibrant organization. The program is open to university students in all majors. TANOE believes that nothing enhances their education, prepares them for professional life and in making good career decisions like the internship experience it offers.

TANOE interns get the opportunity to work in areas of interest to enable them to develop their knowledge whiles understanding the life of an entrepreneur, challenges, experiences, and lessons. The experience gives their interns a better perspective on entrepreneurship, leadership, the economy, business and building a successful career.

The TANOE Internship Program promises to be enriching, empowering, engaging, challenging and resourceful. Amongst the many benefits of the program are enabling the interns to explore their career opportunities, develop their professional acumen and skills set, enhance their maturity and self-confidence, improve their marketability and further their education beyond the walls of their campuses.

The call for entries for this program is open till the 22nd of July, 2019 and interested candidates are encouraged to apply through www.tanoe.org/internship

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