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Teachers learn about entrepreneurship

Mountain Empire Community College and the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) recently partnered to deliver a hands-on workshop for local K-12 educators to learn about, experience and integrate entrepreneurship education into their classrooms this upcoming school year.

A total of 16 educators, ranging from school principals to classroom teachers, joined the team at MECC’s campus to engage in a day of learning.

The workshop was facilitated by Amber Ravenscroft, program manager of the America’s Entrepreneurial Schools initiative and manager of innovation for The EdVenture Group. The training featured sessions on entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurship infusion in the classroom, with hands-on activities for educators to take back to their students.

Teachers participated in creativity challenges, learned strategies to foster entrepreneurial mindsets both within themselves and with their students, and explored best practices in infusing entrepreneurship into core academic subject areas.

The workshop concluded with a design thinking workshop, where participants designed entrepreneurship projects for their school or classroom. Schools in attendance will be eligible to receive their America’s Entrepreneurial School designation, which recognizes any K-12 school that provides entrepreneurship education to every student, every year.

“[The training] expanded my ideas of the use of entrepreneurship ideas in the classroom,” said attendee Vicki Snodgrass. Educators walked away with tangible resources and strategies to begin implementing upon the school year’s start this August.

“It’s the first time I’ve actually enjoyed a workshop in a very long time,” added attendee Jessica Trent.

Attending the workshop were Robert Underwood, St. Paul Elementary; Lisa Addington-Mason, Wise Primary School; Angela Greear, Central High School; Barbara Hass, Coeburn Primary; Holly Tucker, L.F. Addington Middle School; Jared Coffey, Eastside High School; Kelly Foster, J.W. Adams Combined School; Kara Adkins, Coeburn Middle School; Vicky Welch, Union Middle School; Jodie Bowen, Wise County Career-Technical Center; Kim Mabe, Union High School; Allie Brickey, Union Primary School; Jacqueline Pauley, Flatwoods Elementary School; Vicki Snodgrass, Thomas Walker High School; Jessica Trent, Thomas Walker High School; and Jolene Lambert, Jonesville Middle School.

The partnership between MECC and EntreEd is part of a three-year, Appalachian Regional Commission POWER grant which was funded in 2016. Wrapping up in August 2019, the grant has provided entrepreneurship experiences to more than 45,000 Appalachian students throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. The project is a collaborative partnership between EntreEd, The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, The EdVenture Group, the National Center for Resource Development and eight local community colleges throughout the region.

To learn more about the initiative, visit http://www.entre-ed.org/.

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