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Young South Africans win top award at US university

CAPE TOWN – Coenrad de Jager and Marinda Huisamen, two young South African entrepreneurs sponsored by PiLog Academy, won a top award at the Student Research and Creative Works Expo at the University of Arkansas (UA) Little Rock at Little Rock in the US last week.
De Jager and Huisamen will receive a special award from the information science department at the EIT College ceremony for outstanding research on big data technologies and outstanding academic achievement and research on entity resolution, machine learning artificial intelligence.
John Talburt, professor of information science at the USA, acknowledged De Jager and Huisamen for “the depth and scope of research and creative projects that have been truly impressive and a tremendous affirmation of the student-mentor relationship that lies at the heart of UA Little Rock”.
Said Dr. Salomon de Jager, the chairperson of PiLog International: “I am extremely proud of the achievement of these two students extending South African locally developed technology capabilities offering data quality solutions into world-leading enterprises such as petrochemical, defense, mining, financial services, health care, and manufacturing.”
The primary business success of the PiLog Group has been its development and deployment of Master Data Quality Solutions. The Forth Industrial Revolution has been driven by digital technologies and the management of quality data from global data sources.
“We strongly believe that the PiLog commercial solutions are enriched by the research and graduates coming from the UA Little Rock Information Quality Graduate Programme. Continuing advances in the data and information technology will be the key to future success and for educating and training the leadership needed to sustain this dynamic field.
We trust our sponsorship will help ensure a continuing partnership and sustained interaction for the benefit of both PiLog and the University,” said De Jager.

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