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Youthconnekt Africa Summit 2019 To Be Hosted In The Kigali Arena

The third edition of Africa’s largest youth summit, Youthconnekt Summit 2019 will be hosted in the spectacular Kigali Arena from the 9 to 11 of October 2019.

This year’s theme: “Boosting An Industrious Young Africa” #iTakeTheLead.

The Summit 2019 is bringing a golden opportunity to meet, interact with visionary African youth, and discuss how the continent can boost the entrepreneurial spirit of its youth.

According to the Youthconnekt Africa hub, this year’s summit will focus on, connecting skills development to meet emerging market opportunities, addressing the growing Youth Employment demand in Africa, presenting the potential of the Arts, Sports and Cultural Industry for Africa.

Ashish Thakkar, founder of Mara Phone, and member of the presidential advisory council will be speaking at the YCA 2019, as well as Didier Drogba, UNPD goodwill ambassador, philanthropist and retired professional footballer.

The YouthConnekt Africa Summit is an annual convening that connects youth from across the continent with policy influencers, program leaders, private sector, and non-governmental institutions to formulate a youth empowerment implementation strategy through strategic partnerships. 

Launched in Rwanda in 2012, YouthConnekt has been embraced for it’s innovative design and implementation providing youth with the skills, networks, and information needed to scale their initiatives and gain meaningful employment.

The 2019 edition will be attended by Heads of State, Global Business Leaders, AU Commissioners, Ministers of Youth, Multilateral Organizations, Development Partners, Heads of Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Young Men and Women Entrepreneurs, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Champions, Civil Society and Academia, Youth-led Organizations, Accelerators, Incubators and Innovation Labs, Venture capitalists, Business Angels & other Specialist Investors.

The 2018 Summit marked the launch of the YCA Hub to scale-up the initiative.

The Hub equips YCA members with the knowledge and expertise to integrate relevant best practices in youth economic and civic empowerment to their existing initiatives.

 To date, six countries have already launched YouthConnekt and many others are in the process of implementing the model.

Registration of attendance of YCA 2019 is being done online; www.youthconektafrica.org  

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